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Avon United Church

part of Hantsport Pastoral Charge


Minister – Rev. Penny Nelson | nelson.penny85@gmail.com

Organist & Choir Director – Juanita Swinamer

Official Board Chairperson – Lloyd Anderson

Treasurer – Dave MacFarlane 

Clerk of Session – Marlene MacFarlane

Office Administrator - Amber Sanford | hantsportpc@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Communications Officer – Meaghan MacFarlane | comms.avonunited@gmail.com 

Janitor – Sandy Mills



Choir: Our choir welcomes all voices and we practice on Thursdays at 7pm

Bell Choir: Our handbell choir performs several times a year

Hantsport Inter-faith Prayer Shawl Group - Contact main email for more information

Food Bank: Avon United Church supports the Hantsport and Area Food Bank.

Alcoholics Anonymous:  http://www.district17.area82aa.org/meetings.html 


Mission Statement

At the call of Jesus Christ, we the people of Avon United, seek:
to be a welcoming community to all persons;
to deepen our awareness of the Holy Spirit by being representative of God in our nurture of one another,
by being more supportive in accepting, and forgiving one another;
to be innovative in our representation of ministries;
to be what we profess to be in our witness of the message of Jesus Christ;
to be leaders in the religious community by thinking more globally and by being more inclusive of others.
We seek to work towards empowering our people to be bearers of the Light of Christ for service in the world.

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